The work of Jeroen Erosie is rooted in various disciplines, from graffiti to conceptual art, from illustration to typography. Jeroen connects these seemingly segregated areas in a natural process, reflecting his personal thoughts, doubts and experiences while constantly evolving his visual output as a result.

curriculum vitae

Group shows

_February 2002 Bik van der Pol's “Hortus Ludi” together with Jeroen Jongeleen at Marres, Maastricht.
_May 2002 group-exhibition Dunkers Kulturhaus, Helsingborg, Sweden.
_June 2002 “Influenza/Unicura microjam” with Jeroen Jongeleen at De Appel, Amsterdam.
_September 2002 “RootX” with Jeroen Jongeleen, Hull, UK.
_August 2003 “Backjumps, the live issue” at Kunstraum Bethaniën, Berlin, Germany.
_October 2003 “Ill communication” Urbis, Manchester, UK.
_November 2003 Black Block, Palais de Tokyo Paris, France.
_July 2005 “the ABC, Macht und Kommunikation”, Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany.
_November 2005 “Art Trek IV” Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, Belgium.
_January 2006 “HIER 02” MU, Eindhoven.
_May 2006 “the Dilly”, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
_September 2006 installation and discussion at the Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven as part of the project “Academy. Learning from the Museum”.
_January 2007 “Nothing more beyond” at “Atelier als Supermedium”, The Hague.
_May 2007 “Virus”, Hessenhuis, Antwerp, Belgium.
_June 2008 billboard-project “Le Mur”, Paris, France.
_October 2008 presentation“Plakboek Eindhoven” with Erwin Thomasse, Space3 en Freek Lomme / Onomatopee at Yourspace, DDW Eindhoven.
_February 2009 “Trendbeheer presents” / Art Rotterdam.
_September 2009 "D'raw", Glaspaleis Heerlen.
_October 2009 "Genesis", Chapter One Gallery London, UK.
_December 2009 "Bode, Botlek, Erosie" at Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.
_March 2010 “Random Order” Alley Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium.
_May 2010 "Trendbeheer Presenteert" at Art Amsterdam.
_October 2010 "Le Mur de l'Art", Paris, France.
_October 2010 “Kapital G: Facing the good” Onomatopee, Eindhoven.
_November 2010 participation project “LetterProeftuin”, CBK Rotterdam.
_March 2011 ”Power in Numbers”, AIGA Chicago, USA.
_March 2011 ”Buiten de lijnen 01” De Fabriek, Eindhoven.
_April 2011“De Stad” at Museum Hilversum.
_May 2011 "Word Perfect 1.0" NoPlace, Oslo, Norway.
_May 2011 "Een Week" together with Raymond Lemstra, GoGallery, Amsterdam.
_June 2011 "ACT / OUT" Onomatopee, Eindhoven.
_June 2011 “ NI HOUDOE” / Happy Street together with John Körmeling at Piet Hein Eek, Eindhoven
_October 2011 Dutch Design Week, “ Sustainable Kitchen “ together with Eric de Haas en Philips Design, Eindhoven
_October 2011 Dutch Design Week, “ See A Sound” together with Mister Adam en Boris Tellegen, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven.
_October 2011 Resident Advisor X, Kemistry Gallery, London, UK.
_January 2012 “See a Sound”, BKKC Tilburg.
_February 2012 “Music to my eyes” Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague.
_April 2012 “Yo, bum rush the show” with Jeroen Jongeleen and Marc Bijl, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.
_June 2012 “Easy” Nieuwe Oogst, Rotterdam
_September 2012 “See a Sound” Oz, Amsterdam.
_September 2012 Graphic Design Festival Breda.
_October 2012 Museumnight Casino Luxembourg.
_November 2012 "Hot Docks 02" Namura CCO Osaka, Japan.
_December 2012 Galerie Celal, Paris.
_February 2013 RAW Art fair with Mini | galerie, Rotterdam.
_April 2013 "Graffuturism", Open Space, Paris.
_May 2013 “Small Gestures” MU Eindhoven.
_June 2013 “On Paper” Walls Gallery, Amsterdam.
_August 2013 “Synthesis and integration” Gallery Agency, Moscow.

Solo exhibitions

_September 2007 “Anything for nothing” Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, London, UK.
_March 2009 “Horror Vacui”, Gallery A Part, Grenoble, France.
_June 2010 “Me, Myself and Us”, Gallery Extrabold, Luxembourg.
_January 2012 “Implosion”, Galerie Immanence, Paris, France.
_September 2012 “Cluster”, Mini Gallery Amsterdam

Self initiated exhibitions

_March 2005 participation and organisation “Scribble Soup” Area 51, Eindhoven.
_Juli 2008 participation and organisation together with Jeroen Jongeleen and Angelique Spaninks of “FUNDAMENTALS”, MU, Eindhoven, with Navid Nuur, Matthias Wermke / Mischa Leinkauf, Allergy / Nicolas T. / Honet, Boris Tellegen, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Influenza, François Morel, Jeroen Jongeleen and BLU.
_October 2010 participation and organisation “Stacked”, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht Eindhoven with Erwin Thomasse, Michiel Schuurman, Job Wouters, Tim Enthoven, Rik van Iersel and Eric de Haas.


_iNview nummer 17, United Publishers 2002
_Stick'em up, Booth Clibborn 2002
_Worldsigns # 02, 2003
_Metropolis M # 05, Siebe Thissen 2003
_Street Logos, Tristan Manco,Thames&Hudson 2004
_Creatie # 11, 2005
_Fadings, Publikat 2005
_CJP magazine # 6, 2006
_Street Talk - The rise and fall of the poster, Malcolm Frost, Images publishing 2006
_The Art of Rebellion 2, Publikat 2006
_Street Sketchbook, Tristan Manco, Thames&Hudson 2007
_Graffiti in Rotterdam, Rens Muis / Wessel Wessels, NAi Uitgevers 2007
_Plakboek Eindhoven, Onomatopee 2008
_FUNDAMENTALS / Jeroen Jongeleen en Angelique Spaninks, MU 2008
_Icons of Graphic Design, Steven Heller, Thames&Hudson 2008
_MU 10, exhibition publication, Angelique Spaninks/ Lex ter Braak, MU 2008
_Mister Motley # 24 “STUK”, 2009
_Trespass. A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art, Ethan Seno / Carlo McCormick, Taschen 2010
_Metropolis M, June 2011
_Act / OUT, Onomatopee Eindhoven, 2011
_Tendencias Fashionmag, Spain 2011
_Clark Magazine France, 2012
_Big Up Magazine NYC # 12, 2012
_JB Magazine Berlin #02 2012
_Le Guide de l'Art Contemporain Urbain 2013


_2009 “Horror Vacui”, Éditions Sixpack France
_2009 “Part of Rebellion #03: Erosie”, Publikat Germany
_2013 "Ad Infinitum" Stickit Publications, the Netherlands